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Dragonfly Client APIs are a pivotal component of Dragonfly’s comprehensive suite of services. These Restful APIs empower users with the ability to access and retrieve data in JSON or CSV format, seamlessly integrating Dragonfly’s rich data offerings into their own applications and workflows. This portfolio description provides an insight into Dragonfly’s Client APIs, highlighting their key features and functionalities.
API Access:
Dragonfly Client APIs are designed with user convenience and flexibility in mind:
  • Data Formats: Users can access data in both JSON and CSV formats, catering to a wide range of data processing requirements.
  • Documentation: All APIs are meticulously documented using Swagger, ensuring clarity and ease of use for developers and analysts.
  • Product Offerings: Dragonfly provides access to several key products through these APIs:
  • Incidents: Access incident data along with latitude and longitude information.
  • Plots: Retrieve plot data, including location coordinates.
  • Intelligence Reports: Access comprehensive intelligence reports.
  • Travel Risk Events: Get real-time information on travel risk events.
  • Risk Ratings: Access risk ratings, complete with geometry data for enhanced analysis.
Security and Access Control:
Dragonfly places a high priority on security and access control for its Client APIs:
  • Private APIs: These APIs are private and require authentication to access.
  • PKI Security Protocol: Dragonfly employs a robust PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) security protocol to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data transmitted through the APIs.
  • Permissions and Licensing: API access is restricted to users with appropriate permissions or valid subscription licenses. This granular access control ensures that users only access the data they are authorized to.
  • Location-Based Permissions: In addition to product-based permissions, Dragonfly’s APIs also support location-based access controls. Users can specify access permissions based on geographical regions, further enhancing data security.
Key Features:
  • Data Access: Retrieve a wide range of data, including incidents, plots, intelligence reports, travel risk events, and risk ratings.
  • Multiple Formats: Choose between JSON and CSV data formats for flexibility in data integration.
  • Documentation: Easily understand and implement APIs with Swagger documentation.
  • Security: Ensure the security of data transmission with the PKI security protocol.
  • Permissions: Granular control over API access based on user roles, location, and subscription licenses.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate Dragonfly’s data into your own applications and workflows.
Dragonfly Client APIs are an essential tool for organizations and individuals seeking to leverage Dragonfly’s vast repository of intelligence and risk data. With robust security measures and flexible access controls, these APIs empower users to make informed decisions and stay updated with critical information from around the world.

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    Python, Flask

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    Dragonfly Intelligence

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